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9 January  2001 



Faisal Husseini to Meet with New European Presidency


Yesterday, Faisal Husseini, Executive Committee Member of the PLO in Charge of Jerusalem Affairs, left for France and Sweden to brief officials, including the foreign ministers on the state of negotiations and Palestinian reservations over the new Clinton proposal.  Sweden has recently taken the presidency of the European Union after the six-month tenure of France.


Mr. Husseini will emphasize that only a settlement based on the border of June the 4th 1967 and ensures a viable Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital will be acceptable to the Palestinians.  To demonstrate particular Palestinian concerns regarding contiguity, the Palestinian definition of the holy basin, securing an open city arrangement and Palestinian economic interests in the city, Mr. Husseini will present various maps and data from the Jerusalem Task Force (based at the Orient House).


One particular map will show the vital distinction between the pre-1967 exposed Western Wall and the full length the Western Wall as well as its potential impact on the eventual Palestinian control of the Muslim Quarter. Mr. Husseini will also warn of the dangers involved in continued Israeli efforts to control sub-terrainian parts of the Old City and the unhelpful use of land ratios in negotiations.


Mr. Husseini will also warn the officials of the dangers involved in continued settlement expansion in Jerusalem including the provocative settlement construction in Ras al-Amud and Jabal Abu Ghneim.  Dr. Nazmi Jubeh, an expert on the Old City, is accompanying Mr. Husseini on this visit.





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