The Orient House







3 July 2001 



New British Counsel General Visits the Orient House


Today at 9 a.m. the new British Counsel General, Mr. Geoffrey Adams made an introductory call to the Orient House in the first official diplomatic meeting since the passing of the late Faisal Husseini.


Mr. Adams was received by Mr. Isaaq Budeiri, General Director of the Arab Studies Society, Mr. Sherif Husseini, General Director of the International Relations Center as well as Dr. Manuel Hassassian, Dr. Nazme Ju’beh, Dr. Rafiq Husseini and Dr. Varsen Agabekian. 


The Palestinian delegation briefed Mr. Adams on the role of the Orient House and Arab Studies Society in Jerusalem and the re-organization taking place after the passing of the late Mr. Husseini.  The delegation also described the ongoing projects and services of the Orient House which intend to protect the rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem as well as the Muslim and Christian heritage in the city.


Mr. Adams spoke of the important role played by the Orient House both in Jerusalem and the peace process and expressed his commitment to continue diplomatic relations with the Orient House.  




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