The Orient House







9 July 2001 



Israel Demolishes Twelve Palestinian Homes in Shu’fat


Early this morning Israeli troops entered Shu’fat refugee camp and began to demolish 25 Palestinian houses.  Thus far 12 houses have been completely demolished.  There is currently ongoing clashes in the area of Shu’fat and the situation is deteriorating.


Israel uses house demolitions as a means of limiting Palestinian population growth in Jerusalem. By refusing to issue housing permits in proportion to Palestinian population growth, Israel forces Palestinian to build without permits.


The Orient House considers this latest Israeli aggression in Occupied East Jerusalem as a serious provocation that will further enflame an already unstable situation in East Jerusalem and jeopardize any remaining prospects for a cease-fire.  The Orient House calls on the international community to immediately condemn this latest Israeli aggression and to end acts of forceful eviction inside occupied territory.





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