The Orient House







17 July 2001 



Israel Attempts to Prevent Honoring

 the Man of Peace, Faisal Husseini


Today at 10 a.m., Israeli authorities delivered an order from Israeli Minister of Internal Security Uzi Landau ordering all activities of the Commemoration Service closed.  The Orient House is currently besieged by members of the Israeli Special Forces and secret service.


The Orient House considers this latest interference by the Israeli authorities in Occupied East Jerusalem as a provocation and a slander against the legacy of peace and tolerance represented by Faisal Husseini.  At a time when world leaders are calling for restraint, this Israeli action threatens to destabilize an already tense atmosphere in Jerusalem.


Israel has continued to exploit the vacuum left by the passing of Faisal Husseini.  The demolition of 14 homes in Shu’fat refugee camp, the moves to confiscate lands for the Light Rail, moves to continue the Eastern Gate Plan and the censoring of two thirds of the candidates for the position of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch are actions in a growing list of provocations by the Israeli Government.


The leadership in Jerusalem intends to continue the commemoration service, which will also be attended by Israeli officials and peace activists, in honor of a man who represented restraint, tolerance and reconciliation.  The Orient House demands that the international community condemn these latest Israeli actions in East Jerusalem before the situation deteriorates.





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