The Orient House







1 June 2001 


In His Death, There was Victory


The funeral of Faisal Husseini has opened Jerusalem for the first time in ten years to all Palestinians, and has brought Israelis and Palestinians together for a final farewell.  Moshe Amirav, a close advisor of Ehud Barak, spoke to the crowd calling Faisal a legend and a true visionary of peace.


At 3:15 p.m., the procession arrived at the Orient House after overwhelming three Israeli check points without violence.  Huge crowds, approximately 150,000, have gathered throughout Jerusalem.  


Dozens of members of the all diplomatic corps, except the Americans, senior PNA officials, Knesset members and Israeli peace activists as well as thousands of Palestinian well wishers said their final farewell to Faisal Husseini at the Orient House.  


The funeral procession is currently heading towards the Haram al-Sherif via Salah Eddin Street where Faisal Husseini will be buried beside his esteemed father, the legendary Abdel Qader Husseini and his grandfather, the former Mayor of Jerusalem Moussa Kasem Husseini.






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