The Orient House







2 June 2001 





World Leaders Send Their Condolences to the Husseini Family


World leaders, including U.S. President Bush and French President Jacques Chirac, have sent condolences to the Husseini family and staff at the Orient House. 


A particularly notable condolence was that delivered by American Counsel General Ron Schlicher who conveyed the condolences of President George W. Bush to Mrs. Najat Husseini, the wife of the late Faisal Abdel Qader Husseini.  Mr. Husseini passed away Thursday morning in Kuwait City after suffering a heart attack.


The letter, which was addressed to Mrs. Husseini at the Orient House, recognized Mr. Husseiniís leadership and contributions to peace.  In the letter, President Bush stated that the achievements of Mr. Husseini should be a source of pride to the family and all Palestinian people.


Members of the Husseini family and staff of the Orient House thank all the world leaders and other well wishers for extending condolences and words of comfort to the Palestinian people at this time and hope the world community will continue to support Palestinian rights in order to foster a just peace.






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