The Orient House







7 May 2001 



Israel to Build New Israeli Settlement in Sheikh Jarrah


Last Friday the Planning Board of the Jerusalem Municipality announced the construction of 12 new housing units to strengthen efforts for Jewish settlement in the Sheikh Jerrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. On Friday, Israeli newspapers published a notice from the Planning Board urging interested Jewish settlers to review the master plan (No. 2724) for the area.*


The plan to build the settlement in Sheikh Jarrah has been in the planning process for several years but was held up due to Palestinian property claims and objections.  Already on April 14, 1996 the Israeli Planning Board published an announcement that the master plan for the settlements in Sheikh Jarrah would be postponed due to an injunction by Palestinian land owners who objected to the change in the status of the land which had been used as a public garden since the British Mandate.  


International law, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention, clearly states that building settlements in occupied territory is illegal. The Orient House believes that this latest Israeli initiative to build settelements in occupied East Jerusalem will further destabalize the region and is further evidence that Israel is not interested in negotiating Jerusalem but in continuing to create new facts on the ground to prejudice the political status of the city.


*The units will be constructed on parcels of land (25-26) Block No. (30505).




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