The Orient House





7 November 2001


Israeli Supreme Court distorts legality by bending to political pressure


With regard to the case of Mohammad Al-Kurd's house, which had been taken over by Israeli settlers on 1 November 2001, the Israeli Supreme Court took a decision that grants legitimacy to the settlers' actions. The decision allows the settlers to stay in the house given that the Al Kurd family will not be expelled. Mohammad Al Kurd can issue an appeal within a period of 21 days. In contradiction to proper principles regarding legal proceedings, the lawyer of Mohammad Al-Kurd was informed by the Court's decision three days after it had been issued. In the meanwhile, Israeli settlers virtually moved into the house by setting up their own furniture preparing themselves for a permanent stay.


By allowing Israeli settlers to permanently occupy Palestinian homes, the Supreme Court not only bends to political interference in the legal process, but also encourages more Israeli settlers to take over Palestinian property in East Jerusalem with the aim of expelling its Palestinian population. The Orient House urges the international community to act according to principles of international legitimacy and stop Israeli violations against the Palestinian civilian population. It is vital for the sake of protecting Palestinian civilians from further discrimination that Israeli jurisdiction is not mistaken for Israeli justice and that the international community holds the Israeli Government responsible for stripping Palestinians of their basic rights by favoring exclusive and expansionist policies of its own citizens.


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