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1 February 2001


 Statement by the Palestinian National Movements in Jerusalem

Today at 12 p.m. in the National Palace Hotel in Arab East Jerusalem, the Palestinian national movements in Jerusalem held a press conference to convey the Palestinian assessment of the recent Palestinian - Israeli talks in Taba.  In a seven-point statement, the speakers described the Palestinian frustration with the suffocating environment that was produced by the current peace process and the need to forge a new process that will secure the rights of Palestinians. 

 A Statement by Palestinian National Movements in Jerusalem

 1.      After 10 years of unfruitful negotiations with the Israelis, the Intifada is the strategic option for the Palestinian people in their aim to obtain national liberation and a viable, independent state. 

 2.      The Palestinian national factions in Jerusalem stress the importance of the continuation of the Palestinian popular uprising but have no objections to the principle of negotiations with Israel biding that countries, other than the United States, be involved in the peace process.

 3.      The Palestinian national factions announce that Jerusalem is the Palestinian capital and categorically reject any formula that accepts the Israeli settlements.  Moreover, we hereby reject any Israeli attempt to continue the occupation in the city under any other name including the "Holy Basin" concept.  Freedom of access to the holy sites and freedom of religion for all people will be guaranteed in full by the Palestinian State.

 4.      The Palestinian national factions emphasize the importance of the implementation of UN Resolution 194, which outlines the right of Palestinians to return to their homeland.  This right is sacred and there will be no compromise under any circumstances.

 5.      The Palestinian national factions in Jerusalem confirm that peace will only result from an immediate withdrawal of the Israeli occupation from the Palestinian and Arab territories occupied in 1967.  This land must be returned to the Palestinian and Arab people in accordance with UN Resolutions 242 and 338.

 6.      The Palestinian national factions believe that any negotiation that does not include the establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian State within the borders of June the 4th 1967 will never lead to a lasting peace.

 7.      The resistance of the Intifada is unbreakable and will defeat every incoming Israeli Prime Minister unless they address the roots of the conflict and recognize the Palestinian national rights.

 The speakers included Salah Zouheikah, Secretary General of Fatah in Jerusalem District and Member of the Palestinian National Council, Ahmed Ghneim of the Fatah Revolutionary Council and Fatah Higher Committee, Ghassan Khatib of the Palestinian Peoples Party, Abdel Atif Gheith of the Palestinian Popular Front, Nihad Abu Ghosh of the Palestinian Democratic Front, Fadel Thaboub of the Nidal Front.


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