The Orient House

19 July 2005

Statement from the Orient House to the International Community
The Orient House calls upon the International Community to translate the road map against the illegal Israeli closure of the PLO headquarters in Occupied Palestinian Jerusalem and implement legally required protection mechanisms for the civilian Palestinian population and upholding Palestinian rights in accordance with international agreements and the road map

According to Article One of the Fourth Geneva Convention, the most authoritative humanitarian law instrument applicable to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the members of the International Community have committed themselves to ensure respect for the convention in all circumstances. Yet, the international community as a whole has failed to discharge its responsibilities under international humanitarian law, subordinating the obligatory mechanisms for international protection to the political process dictated exclusively by the Israeli Government.

Given one of the worst humanitarian crises of the Palestinian civilian population, the Orient House urges the International Community to change its passive policy towards Palestinians and Jerusalem into an active role guided by international legal agreements, such as the Fourth Geneva Convention, as well as the understandings reached in the road map. The International Community needs to upgrade its efforts to guarantee the functioning of Palestinian institutions in Occupied Palestinian Jerusalem that are intimately based on the intention to achieve a peaceful coexistence.


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