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The Arab Studies Society is a non-governmental organization that was founded in 1980 as a research and documentation center to record the historical, cultural and political history of Palestinians.  The Arab Studies Society, which shares the same premises as the Orient House, is composed of a library which holds some 14,000 books, documents, press, and personalities archive and a photos and tapes department.

The facilities at the Arab Studies Society are open to the public from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  For more information on the Arab Studies Society please browse the websiite of the organisation at or contact:

Director: Ishaq Budeiri

Arab Studies Society

Orient House Building

Abu Obeidah Ibn el-Jarah St. No. 10

P.O. Box 20479

Jerusalem, Palestine

Tel: (02) 627-3330



The Arab Studies Society also has two closely affiliated institutions under its auspices.  One is called the Land Research Center which is dedicated to the research of land in the Palestinian Territories including settlement monitoring, soil surveys, land use, etc. and the other is a newly initiated project called the Jerusalem Multi-Sector Review which is designed to draw strategic developmental models for Jerusalem in areas from habitation to tourism and create models to stimulate socio-economic growth and improvement of services.   

 To learn more about the Land Research Center please contact:

Director: Jamal Talab

4 Obu Obeida St. (below the British Consul office)

P.O. Box 20479

Jerusalem, Palestine

Tel: (02) 626-4089 / 050-507-931

Fax: (02) 626-8448


To learn more about the Multi Sector Review please contact:

Director: Dr. Varsen Aghabekian

Tel: 052-373-115

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