The Orient House is
the national  headquarters
of the Palestinian people
in Jerusalem
Why this new intifada and how it might be cooled down
International Herald Tribune
Wednesday, November 29, 2000
any people ask why a new intifada, or Palestinian uprising, has broken out especially at a time when the world believed that Palestinians and Israelis were coming close to achieving a lasting peace...
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Israeli West Jerusalem Municipality to Demolish 21 Houses
HA'ARETZ,Sunday, April 15, 2001 
On March 22, Jerusalem Municipality issued 21 orders to destroy buildings erected without permits in the city. Two of the condemned structures are on Givat Shaul, in West Jerusalem and the rest are in the east part of the city and the owners are Palestinians.
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The Orient House
The PLO Headquarters in Jerusalem
The Orient House is the symbol of Palestinian aspirations for autonomy and solidarity in Israeli Occupied Jerusalem and is the only establishment today waving the Palestinian national flag.
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