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The Youth Development Department (YDD), through its strong partnership with the Ford Foundation, have organized a study visit to youth organizations and community based associations in Egypt, to learn from the Egyptian experience on the community work, as well as to open ties and relations with youth organizations with the idea to build up mutual projects and programs, that could benefit the youth of Jerusalem and Egypt.

With over than 10 organizations being visited in 3 different districts, YDD will link the organizations being visited with different youth organizations in Jerusalem, and encourage and help both to have projects together.

The visit was a success in terms of opening our horizons for cooperation with fellow Egyptian organizations, by doing mutual projects that would be a benefit for both the Palestinian and Egyptian Youth. Also the visit was like an "eye opener" for us on how to deal with some similar problems happening in Palestine in general and Jerusalem in particular, on this aspect we have learned a lot from your huge experience in the different fields.

The YDD will do its utmost in fostering the Palestinian - Egyptian youth relations, through suggested common projects and programs, especially the basic youth exchanges between the two sectors.

Its worth mentioning that we have been amazed on how people, especially the youth, are so attached to their community, and determined to solve and change the current difficult social situations of some communities in Egypt.

YDD would like to thank all who have made this visit as fruitful and successful as it was.

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During YDD's trip to Cairo they visited the Pyramids

Members of YDD spending an evening with their fellow
Egyptian Colleagues

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