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The Youth Development Department is a new initiative designed to help young people between 15 and 25 years of Age.  The Central aim of the Project is to provide Palestinian Jerusalem youth a spectrum of opportunities both locally and internationally.

We will achieve this through the following means:

  • Encourage cooperation and networking among and between Youth Institutions in Jerusalem.
  • Work together with local and international youth organization on youth issues, through youth exchanges, workcamps and training.
  • Empower the youth to take their part in the building process of democratic civil society in Palestine.
  • Help the youth institutions in planing programs, fundraising and finding partners for their activities.
  • Reinforce effective principles and strategies of collective work.
  • Activate a dynamic network for the exchange and diffusion of experience among various youth sector in the field of culture, education and social development.
  • Enhance and developing collective field experiences and experiments through a strategy of joint practice.
  • Establish various systems to facilitate the flow of information related to the youth.

Work Plan
The main goal of the Youth Development Department is to support and improve the capacities of local youth institutions in Jerusalem and clubs by providing them with the resources and contacts necessary to establish youth exchange and enrichment programs

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Activities Report
Despite its recent establishment and despite the political situation, the Youth Development Department (YDD) has managed to organize and to participate in different activities, whether locally or internationally.

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Our Partners in Egypt
The Youth Development Department (YDD), through its strong partnership with the Ford Foundation, have organized a study visit to youth organizations and community based associations in Egypt, to learn from the Egyptian experience on the community work, as well as to open ties and relations with youth organizations with the idea to build up mutual projects and programs, that could benefit the youth of Jerusalem and Egypt.

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The Jerusalem Voluntary Work Council would like to thank everybody who participated on the Voluntary Work Day on the 16th of September. Such efforts and solidarity are highly appreciated particularly in these difficult times when we continue to face pressure and discrimination by the Israeli Occupation Authorities. 


Contact Information:

Director: Mazen Jabari

Youth Development Department

The Orient House 

P.O. Box 20479

Jerusalem - Palestine

Tel: 972-2-627-3330 / 3573

Fax: 972-2-627-4020

Mobile: 052-292-021





Palestinian Youth Help Cleam Jerusalem on International Day of the Volunteer

Members of YDD with volunteers infront of the Orient House


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