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The Maps and Survey Department was established in 1983 in order to assess and identify geographical developments in Jerusalem as well as the West Bank.  As the Department developed, it produced several land mark maps which identified Israeli settlement expansion, land use, and water aquifers.

Included in its portfolio, the Map Department produced, in 1987, a map of all Israeli settlement (1967-1987) in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. This map has been continually updated since.  In 1990, a volumous work of producing a map of Historic Palestine was finished, detailing the location and name of all pre-1948 Palestinian villages.

When the Palestinian Authority was created in 1994, the responsibilities of the Map Department were changed as Palestinian Ministries began to produce maps of the West Bank and Gaza.  As a result, the Map Department serviced the new Ministries with information and maps.  Providing these Ministries with updated information has remained a central task for the Map Department.Other responsibilities establishd by the supervisors of the department include the following:

1. Buying all maps on Jerusalem, whether from the British mandate or the Jordanian period.  These maps, which are impressive in size and number, are considered today a reference for land researchers.

2.  Buying Israeli maps of the size 1/1250 in order to study the construction development between 1967 and 1997.

3. Collecting maps directly related to land confiscation from 1967 until today.

4. Study of the policy of building permits since 1990 until today.

5. Study of Arab property in West Jerusalem and collecting maps related to this issue.

This last task includes collecting Palestinian land property titles from West Jerusalem in an archive.  As approximately 73% of West Jerusalem is pre-1948 Palestinian property and as neither property claims, whether collective or individual, nor the Palestinian right of return (UN Resolution 194) has been resolved, this work is of priority.

If you have outstanding property claims and have tax records or proof of ownership, please forward them to the address below.  This office will also address any questions you have regarding the properties.


Mr. Khalil Tufakji

The Maps and Survey Department

The Orient House

P.O. Box 20479

Jerusalem, Palestine

Tel/Fax: 972-2-628-5264

Tel: 972-2-628-5265


Pre-1948 Land Ownership Map of Jerusalem (Sami Hadawi)

Settlement Map of Israeli Municipal Jerusalem


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