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In June 2000, at the request of PLO Executive Committee Member Faisal Husseini, the Jerusalem Task Force (JTF) was established to develop scenarios and strategies for final status talks on Jerusalem.  The activities of the JTF are coordinated with the PLO Negotiation Affairs Department.

The Task Force was headed by Mr. Faisal Husseini until he passed away in May 2001. Today the JTF is directed by Dr. Manuel Hassassian, Vice President of Bethlehem University.  Through a network of international and local experts and consultants, JTF has developed a pool of material and including maps of the Israeli offers as well as other maps and analysis regarding Palestinian strategic imperatives for future negotiations

While the primary purpose of the JTF is to advize Palestinian negotiators on the optimal means to conduct negotiations with the Israeli side, JTF believes that a broader Palestinian consensus on Jerusalem is necessary in order to create a genuine foundation for a peace process.  For this reason, the JTF also disseminates information on how various scenarios may impact on the daily lives of Palestinians in Jerusalem.  By so doing the JTF aspires to raise public knowledge and awareness on the negotiation process as a whole are create an authentic base of support for future negotiations.

This webpage works to serve this purpose.


An Inside look on Final Status 

Negotiations on Jerusalem



  1. "Negotiating Jerusalem: Lessons and Prospects," transcript of presentation given to diplomatic missions at PASSIA, 17 March 2001.

  2. "The Compromise that Wasn't," Le Monde Diplomatique, December 2000.

  3. "The Compromise that Wasn't: the Israeli Proposal at Camp David," Ha'aretz. 14 November 2000. 



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