Funding of PCMD

Structure of PCMD

What is a Micro-project?

Overall Criteria and Guidelines


A. Priorities for the Target Groups, Sectors, Programs and Geographical Areas:

Target Groups: Children, Youth, Women, and people with special needs.

Sectors: Education, Training, Health, Social Services, and Economy.

Programs: Health education, with special emphasis on prevention of drug use, including rehabilitation.
Non-formal educational programs and activities such as summer camps, children centers, youth clubs, public libraries, literacy classes, and programs that promote democracy and human rights.
  Rehabilitation, training and sports programs for the target groups, including the disabled persons. 

Priority Geographical Areas: Jerusalem and neighboring villages, the Gaza Strip, refugee camps and the rest of the Palestinian areas and villages with urgent needs.

B. Criteria for selecting a Project for Funding

1. The project must be presented by a Palestinian body, or a Palestine NGO that is legally registered.

2. The project must include:

  • An assessment that shows the need/s of the target group

  • A clear work plan that is realistic, clarifies responsibilities and can be implemented within the capabilities of the community.                                   

  • A clear budget should be included.

3. The body presenting the project should have reasonable ability for implementation and performance afterwards.

4. There should not be a similar project in the same area unless otherwise justified.

5. Priority is given to existing NGOs.

6. The project must have a positive social and economic impact on the lives of people and no negative impact on the environment.

7. The project must meet a priority need of the local community.

8. The project must be taken at the initiative and active participation of the local community.

9. The project must be potentially sustainable.

10. The project shall ensure the development role of women.

11. The local community must contribute at least 20% of the total cost of the project, materially or financially. 




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