Funding of PCMD

Structure of PCMD

What is a Micro-project?

Overall Criteria and Guidelines


The organizational structure of PCMD consists of three main bodies: 

1- The Board of Directors (BD) is responsible for the general strategy of the Center and for the final approval of projects selected for funding. It consists of eleven members: 

Mr. Faisal Husseini Head of the Board
Dr. Mohammed Shtayyeh PECDAR
Dr. Tayseer Maswada University Graduates Union
Dr. Norma Hazboun Bethlehem University
Mrs. Dyala Dajani Former teacher
Mr. Mahmoud Abd El-Hadi UNRWA
Dr. Hani Nigim Bir Zeit University
Ms. Leila Tayeh Arab Orphan Society
Mr. Ali Hijjawi Hijjawi Eng. Center
Mr. Tewfic Habesch ADCC
Mr. Zakaria Odeh Panorama

2- The Projects Committee (PC) consists of a group of experts in various fields. These review project proposals selected for funding and make recommendations to the BD. 

3- The Management Unit (MU) consists of nine staff members, including the General Manager of PCMD, Miss Buthaina Shabani. The MU is responsible for running day-to-day work of the Center, organizing its activities, assessing project requests, ensuring effective implementation and monitoring progress of projects approved for funding.




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